Protests, jailing pay off as elder finally sees native title granted

John Watson stood on an Aboriginal picket line at Noonkanbah 36 years ago opposing the mining industry and earned himself a place in Australia’s land rights ­history.

Full article here.

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"Oh oh DJ, ease my mind, will you
play that song again
cause we were in love” -Skrillex   

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"Gracias madre tierra por cuidarnos en tu vientre. Con tu falda de serpiente, madre tonantzin coatlicue." <3

"A flower that grow in the ghetto knows more about survival than the one from fresh meadows."

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Janelle Monáe- ‘My Message Is To Rebel Against Sexism’

"I won’t allow myself to be oppressed by anybody’s belief system." -Janelle Monar

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